About Real Estate Rescue

At Real Estate Rescue you our clients come first. We like to think we are helping one house at a time and providing a win-win outcome. It’s the only way we like to do business.

Here is a list of problems  Real Estate Rescue has been able to solve….

  • Expired listings
  • Divorce
  • Job Transfer or Re-locations
  • Power of Sale Proceedings
  • Vacant Properties
  • Distressed property
  • Downsizing
  • Financial Worries
  • House needs repair
  • Estate Sale
  • and more..

With all of the above situations our company was able to meet with the homeowners and do the following..

  •  access the property value in its “as is” condition
  • placed a reasonable and fair offer on the property
  •  closed on the owners terms
  •  created a win-win scenario

Every situation we deal with is unique. We are discreet, professional and work  directly with the homeowner.

 With most bank power of sales, Real Estate Rescue will deal with the bank on the clients behalf to bring arrears current and then provide the owner with a lease to own contract to take over the payments of the home. This includes all expenses. We then agree on a purchase price that makes it possible for the owner to move from the property and secure suitable accommodations, ultimately preventing a foreclosure on their credit report.

What we are not….

  • A conventional real estate company.  We will not list your home or charge a commission
  • A  “We Buy Houses” company….we believe in helping our clients not ourselves. If our clients aren’t happy we aren’t happy.
  • A bank….Your not just a number to us. We want to help and guide you through the process and make it possible to find suitable residence.

We encourage you to give us a chance to assess your situation and your home. Let us help you by providing you with a service very few companies can offer. We will be discreet and treat every client with respect regardless of your situation or circumstances.

There is no obligation and nothing to lose….so don’t wait! FIND A SOLUTIONS TODAY!