Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are the most commonly asked of us at Real Estate Rescue. If you can’t find the answer to your questions here we will gladly answer any questions you have. Just simply do one of the the following.

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Q. What do you charge for your service?

A. We don’t charge anything for our service. There are no fees, no obligation, and nothing to lose.

Q. How is your service different from a realtor or listing service

A. Other service such as Realtors or listing service will do just that… “list” your home. With listing your home there is no guarantee that your home will sell, when it will sell, or how much it will sell for. Often homes stay on the market for months. Some can take up to a year to sell. Imagine all the stress and anxiety involved. You will have to pay an upfront fee or pay a commission. Not to mention you will have to keep your home clean for showings the entire time.

As private real estate investors Real Estate Rescue won’t “list” your home, we want to “buy” your home. We don’t charge any fees or commissions and you are under no obligation. You have nothing to lose.

We want to provide you with a quick, easy, and stress-free sale!

Q. Do You Pay Market Value?

A. It depends on what you consider market value. We want you to fully understand how much the process of selling you home can cost. What an agent will evalutate your home for and what you will actually put in your pocket are two different things.

Often a home will sell for 10 to 20 percent less than the listing price. The agent will often require that you do a few repairs or spruce up a few things to help sell the home. Then there are the holding costs such as your mortgage your utilities and this along with a few repairs could cost thousands of dollars.

All of this money could be used to invest in other areas. An agent won’t pay your bills and your mortgage while they wait for your home to sell. We can buy your house now!

There are all of the fees associated with listing your home. An agent can charge up to 7% of the selling price and closing costs often are 3% of the selling price as well.

Also consider price reductions, repair costs, etc, etc…..in the end this could be tens of thousands of dollars you won’t see when you finally sell your home.

We will work with you, agree on a price that works for both you the homeowner and for us the investor and close quickly. If we can’t agree, we will do nothing. All we ask is for some of your time to explore the options.