How It Works – Stop Power of Sale or Sell Your House Quickly

Step 1: Provide us with important information about your home by filling out the Property Information Form.

Step 2: We contact you in 24 hours to confirm information and ask additional questions if needed. We will schedule an appointment to come view your house promptly.

Step 3: With all the information, we then research and present an offer to you within 48 hours.

If all goes well, your house is now sold! Below are some frequently asked questions.

Am I under any obligation if I fill out the form?
No, not at all. We encourage you to fill out the form completely and honestly to obtain a fair offer for your house. However if you don’t like our offer, it is not binding and there is no further obligation.

What will Real Estate Rescue do with the information I submit?
The information you provide is used for the sole purpose of determining what solution works best. This may be to buy your house fast or another  solution that can help you stop the power of sale process on your house today! You can appreciate that the more forthcoming you are the better we can assist you in finding the right solutions for your situation.

Does Real Estate Rescue charge any fee or commissions if I sell my house?
We’re interested in buying your house, not listing it. As we are not real estate agents, we don’t charge commissions or any other fees for our solutions. Additionally we often cover expenses such as closing costs if we buy your house quickly.

How much will I get from selling my house using Real Estate Rescue?
This varies and is dependent on a number of factors. Typically you’ll be able to net more selling right now directly to us than if you had waited months for a sale or sold conventionally through an agent and paid commissions. Additionally if you are in a power of sale situation time is of the essence to prevent further costs.

What if I’m behind payments, going through a power of sale or have little or no equity?
Being in any of these situations doesn’t present a problem and we encourage you to act quickly. We have helped many people in a power of sale and low equity situations. If time is a factor you have come to the right place.

How long will it take to sell my house?
The process is very fast and your house could be sold in as little as 3 days with a closing of mutual agreement.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Feel free to send an email to  or call 905-341-SELL  If you have additional questions you can also go to the  Contact  page..